Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Greatest Discovery

In 2008, I discovered Vitas while doing an international theme at the Day Care Center where I worked. There was a half Japanese/Russian kid there so I was searching for either a Japanese or Russian singer online. I went into Youtube and came across a live Opera 2 performance. My Co-Workers and I couldn't believe the high pitch that was coming from this man! At first I thought it was a sound effect of some sorts since I never heard anyone make a sound like before. It took me a second viewing to realize that sound WAS actually coming from him! I was in shock but fascinated at the same time, everyone at my job must have watched the video like 10x's in a row! Each time I watched Vitas' performance I felt this feeling inside that something about this man was special and unique. I never seen such a bright smile, an engaging confidence and command of the stage. I couldn't wait to get home and watch more Vitas.
After scouring Youtube for a few more Vitas videos I could find, I became somewhat of a fan and liked only a few songs. I thought he was strange for my usual taste in music artists but something about him had me hooked. I even thought he might be an alien, he had an otherworldly quality to him that no one else I knew had.
In 2010, I was explaining to a friend about this Russian Artist who dresses up in strange costumes and sings in the most unique pitches. I showed them some Youtube videos and we had a laugh for a bit and when my friend left I ran across some of his most recent performances with hair on his head and I thought he looked really handsome and I liked him even more! =) I then proceeded to find everything I could on Vitas on the internet
and I finally began to understand him and his music, I felt it within this time, it was a entirely different feeling than before. I connected with him and his music and it had a positive effect on my very being. This is when I became a real Vitas fan...a V-fan for life.


  1. Thanks Fifi! You went through the same need to know everything you can find as I did. When I found him, there was almost nothing out there in English. We have come a long way!!

  2. Thank you for sharing you story with us! It is wonderful! Yes, it's like a wave of energy; when you hit the point that when you hear his voice, it's hard to focus on the rest of world. All you hear is his voice and the emotions, mixed with your own... they combine like harmony, like only Vitas can do. I love that Vitas has helped you with his Positiveness. I, like you, don't know what my life would be now if I hadn't found Vitas.

  3. Well said Phil, I feel completely the same way. Vitas recharges us! :)