Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Discovering Vitas.
I discovered Vitas around November of 2006, by a lovely chance. I've always been a Music Lover, of all kinds. We were looking on YouTube for unique singers,Opera type singers, or anything that caught our eye. I had given up looking around and was researching other things. Luckily and amazingly, my friend, who was on the other computer, stayed on the task of finding some new cool music. I heard that specific start of Opera #2, and I thought, "oh, that's neat..." But I didn’t really even turn to hear it. I was going to listen to it from where I was at. My friend was telling me, "Hey! Come check this out it looks cool." It was a live version of Vitas. "Yeah, it sounds pretty cool," I said. I was really busy with something else.

BOOM: In my head, the sound of Vitas voice. A wave of difference had overcome me. I had felt things I haven't felt since I was younger, which for me connects me to my past. Memories, lost thoughts, and dreams were springs of water, popping out of nowhere. Goals can be met, some already have. Realization. "WHAT IS THAT?" I said turning around. I dropped everything, just forgetting what was going. I went straight for his computer, which was luckily a few feet behind. "What is that??" I caught the screen just as He finished he first chorus. WOW, "play it again, play it again!" We played it, and played trying to understand, what it was. Wow, He is so cool. His voice is so unique and freeing, so uplifting. Mystical. Never have, and never since heard anything like His voice, or has made such an impact on my perspective.

How Vitas Helped
On October 7th of 2007, my Dad passed away. None of us knew what to do. The foundation of our home, so loved and now so missed. I didn't know what to do. He held our family together.
We stopped doing everything, everything halted. We didn't listen to any music. Three days after he passed, I was in the car, and Vitas's music came on. I still had the CD in there. I turned it off. Of course I was thinking about My Dad. I didn't want to feel uplifted or happy. Just sadness and depression because I was so hurt. I thought for a minute about the time that went by since I had found Vitas, my Dad was still living. I played Vitas music for him sometimes and he always heard it in our car. My Dad was "old-school," so to speak, so when he heard Vitas, he was like "I don't understand him, but yeah that is neatttt." We would come home in the afternoons or the weekends to visit Mom and Him, and we would always pull in the yard, singing, screaming! He made a comment to Mom one day, concerning my crazy screaming and the music of Vitas. He said, laughing and with a proud look in his eye, "What type of son have I raised?" It was of happier times. Something funny we shared. He and Mom laughed and laughed at the thought of is trying to sing like him. Mom has always adored Vitas. Remembering things and driving around in silence, I decided to play Vitas music. Vitas's long emotional notes in Mama, made me weep. God, How I Love You made me cry, and I was sad. I skipped the songs that reminded me of happiness. I wanted to mourn. I played an uplifting song, the first I had ever heard, Opera #2. When he hit the highest notes, all I could is cry and think. In the chorus, I heard Vitas was singing, "Why?!" Like why did this happen to Us, to Dad? As Vitas screamed and wailed, I cried. The song, "Calisst Osenniy," was the release. For the whole night, I drove around just to cry and listen to him and reflect on what was actually happening in my life. The Dedication song captivated my senses. Crane's Crying made me miss the past even more. If only I could change the time back? With every note of Vitas's sentiment, it was if he was singing my pain too. I still was skipping the happier songs. But in these I understood the power of his voice. I could not have ever changed what happened. The most painful part may be that we can't change what will come, no matter how much we want too. We must then try to live on, even with the weight of what happens. I remembered my Dad, and I felt better knowing that together, we had shared something that neither of us had ever thought we would experience together like Vitas's form of Music.

A New Look on Life
Vitas inspires me. From then on, Vitas was my voice that I never knew I had. Every song expressed what I felt. Without Vitas, I don't know if would have ever, "gotten better" about my Dad. Someone's Melancholy is Crying: That song Vitas must have made just for painful moments. I listen to Vitas everyday now. He helped us get through this tough time of our lives. He inspires creativity in me. He encouraged my happiness. Even though, I just wish that time would let us wait before marching on, and just give us another minute, or at least a slow good bye. I realized that times does try to heal the pain. And Vitas voice introduced a new world of expression and perspective. Vitas inspires that, although life is tragic sometimes, brighter days will come. Happiness is crucial, and Love is important in all it's ways. Vitas songs taught me that reflection and memories are necessary, and in the end, that's all we have sometimes. No matter if something seems too far away, is not too far enough to dream of. And some dreams do come true. Vitas voice is a realization of a dream. Vitas's beauty is inspirational and His uniqueness is a cure. A refreshment of life, like the cool wind on a hot day. There is no other equal.


  1. Thanks for your wonderful story Phil. I think we are ready to invite others to participate here. I will create a general thread for them to comment on if they do not want to author an article. I f they want to make their own article, have them send email to and we will send invite!

  2. Your story is amazing and it speaks to my heart, I share some of the same sentiments about Vitas and his music. It is like medicine for the mind, body and soul. I hope through this blog that more people are able to discover Vitas and feel the benefits of his music like we do. Thank you for this fantastic idea! :)

  3. Thank you both so much for this lovely opportunity to share! Vitas brings us together with his gifts, as we all share gifts with each other, our Friendships!

  4. That was beautiful... *hugs*