Monday, December 26, 2011

Many thanks to Phil for starting this off with his story about how Vitas touched his life.  This collection of our stories is his idea. We invite everyone to share their stories here.   You can comment under this entry anonymously if you like, or if you want to author your own article, send your gmail to and we will send you an invitation to author a post here.    


  1. Dear Phil,

    My name is Tatianna Raquel. I'm from Brazil. On August 2008 I discovered Vitas music when I watched Vitas singing "The Bird of Happiness" on You Tube, and from 2008 on foward I became Vitas' fan when I entered the Vitas' Official site. Since then I began downloading songs and vids and sharing pics - everything from Vitas' - and I have acquired the Vitas' 40-minute-digital download "Light of a New Day" for my relaxation, wellness ant antistress. I even began learning Russian because of him! In 2010 I got from his site 3 DVDs and a CD "Say You Love" (it's amazing!) and I began listening to Vitas' non-album-songs (most of them digital downloads - Mp3 formats). The newer it's posted on his official site, the more I download 'em to my enjoyment. Vitas music keeps saving my life (as I'm safe by Vitas music)! Now I'm Vitas' Brazilian fan, I have many Vitas' CDs, DVDs, digital music downloads and pics and I can hardly wait to see Vitas perform in Brazil (because I love Vitas and I always will)!
    Vitas music keeps touching my life and it will do it with mine!
    Many greetings from Brazil!
    With all my best,
    Tatianna Raquel

  2. Thank you Tatianna for sharing your wonderful story! That song, "The Bird of Happiness" always get me going!

  3. Many Thanks to Diane and Afifah for helping make all this possible! A Beautiful Place!! @}-\--