Tuesday, February 14, 2012

By Tatianna Raquel

My name is Tatianna Raquel. I'm from Brazil. On August 2008 I discovered Vitas music when I watched Vitas singing "The Bird of Happiness" on You Tube, and from 2008 on foward I became Vitas' fan when I entered the Vitas' Official site. Since then I began downloading songs and vids and sharing pics - everything from Vitas' - and I have acquired the Vitas' 40-minute-digital download "Light of a New Day" for my relaxation, wellness ant antistress. I even began learning Russian because of him! In 2010 I got from his site 3 DVDs and a CD "Say You Love" (it's amazing!) and I began listening to Vitas' non-album-songs (most of them digital downloads - Mp3 formats). The newer it's posted on his official site, the more I download 'em to my enjoyment. Vitas music keeps saving my life (as I'm safe by Vitas music)! Now I'm Vitas' Brazilian fan, I have many Vitas' CDs, DVDs, digital music downloads and pics and I can hardly wait to see Vitas perform in Brazil (because I love Vitas and I always will)!
Vitas music keeps touching my life and it will do it with mine!
Many greetings from Brazil!
With all my best,
Tatianna Raquel


  1. Brazil! Wow, I am glad Vitas music has been heard that far. Keep spreading his wonder music and power! <3

  2. Wonderful Tatiana! May Vitas' music and love cover the whole world!!

  3. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing. I love that more and more fans are discovering him! Keep loving Vitas!