Tuesday, February 14, 2012

By Rudy-USA

I first heard Vitas by total accident in the middle of 2008. I looked up "Opera" on YouTube and "Opera 2" showed
up. I thought the guy was cute and I liked the style of the song. But then a minute or so into it he wailed out this
beautiful voice and I was in awe. I looked up every Vitas song imaginable and showed my husband. He too, is
fascinated. I was going through a really hard time then, and contemplated suicide a few times. I never had anything
I could turn to that I knew would snap me out of that. I remember one night sitting on my bathroom floor curled up
in a ball wondering which medication I could take that would kill me faster. At the time I always had Vitas playing
from my TV from his DVDs or from the computer, just playing in the background. I was literally pounding and
beating myself up, hitting my legs and scratching my arms. So unhappy with myself, and just a lost soul.
I had sleeping medications laid out in front of me. The bottle contained about 17 pills which I thought about taking. I
do believe in Angels. I always had. And at that moment, I heard Vitas singing. For some reason seemed like the
volume might have been louder. Because I don't remember hearing the other songs this clearly. I suddenly felt this
release. The pain I was feeling lifted from me as I listened to this song I never heard from him. So sitting on my
bathroom floor minutes away from either taking the bottle of pills or just going to a loony bin, I raised my head up to
listen to this upbeat song. I realized when I was listening that it was a live concert because i heard people
screaming for him. And he would remove the microphone from his voice when he sang and it was beautiful. I was
intrigued! I got up and went to the computer where I had been playing random playlists of Vitas. Ironically the
songs title? "Smile"....Ulybnis. It was from his 2003 concert. the words to his song was what I needed to hear:
Smile! If the rain outside the window won't stop...
Smile! If you failed to do something...
Smile! If happiness hid behind the clouds...
Smile! Even if your soul got slightly scratched...
Smile! And you'll see how everything changes...
Smile! The rain will stop and the ground will dress up in snow...
Smile! And your sorrow will pass by...
Smile! And then your soul will begin to live...
Vitas in fact saved me that night. Whether it was from doing something completely stupid, or just having that black
cloud of depression.
I use Vitas "songbird from the gods" "Angel without wing" "Tibetan Plateau" "kiss as long as eternity" "The sea is
my home"..etc any of his beautiful slower songs when getting a massage or accupuncture and so on. Usually those
places play nice calming music, and are more than happy to play music of your choice at time of visit. Happy to say
I turned on my accupuncturist who now plays Vitas for her clients as well. :)
It's amazing the places Vitas takes you. The way his music makes you feel. No singer has ever made me get
goosebumps every time I hear his songs. EVERY time. And the thought of seeing him in concert brings me to
tears. It would be a dream. I love Vitas SO much that I don't see him as one of us. I see him as a true Angel. For so
many reasons. His voice, his energy, his amazingly beautiful face. The way he can save lives, as im sure I am not
the only ones he's saved.
I was able to pick up the pieces of my life and understand my issues. And fast forward to now I couldn't be happier
with where I am. I have not felt the way I did that night....since the night I DID feel that way. My depression is gone,
no anxietys, no anything. Just happiness. My husband and I worked things out. All that repairing to my life and
relationship, there was one person who was there and it sure as hell was Vitas.
My husband and I got matching Vitas tattoos on our wrists. We wanted to show our dedication, our admiration, and
our love for this one person that lives on the other side of the world that we have never even seen in person. To
me thats freaking amazing the power he has. Like that of a God.
I love listening to Vitas anywhere, anytime. Constantly telling people about him. His music takes you away to a
place nobody has probably ever been. Heaven flows out of his mouth when he sings. That's the best way i can
personally describe it.
If your just as committed to his music, just as inspired, just as magically moved, and just as in love with Vitas as I
am...then you can understand what I mean when I say to you that Vitas is the most unique, talented, beautiful,
"other-worldly" person on this earth!
I thank him from the bottom of my heart for being there for me and others with his music. I wonder how anybody
could be happy without his music. When I feel like I need to escape the pressures and suffering of this world, I get
lost in Vitas. And i go on this musical journey that carries me to the heavens.


  1. Wow... Rudy, I Thank God for sending you such an Awesome Angel in your times of need. I agree with you completely, about the pureness and healing properties of his Voice. God must have put Vitas on this Earth, just for people like us, who sometimes cannot find the answer. I am so glad that Vitas has helped you in so many ways, and still is, and that he always intrigues you so much. "Smile" is such a powerful song, and with his precise words and fine, powerful notes; he mesmerizes us into unknown journeys of the mind and soul. Although unknown, he helps us find an answer. "Smile" is one of those songs that do carry us to Heaven. In each one of his songs, I believe he shares a piece of his heart with us. Thank you so much for sharing your story. You are never alone, when you have Vitas!

  2. Rudy, url story brought me to tears. "Smile!" Is my song. When i first heard it, I knew he was talking to me. I am so happy to hear Vitas truly saves lives. I am so glad he saved you and that you could share your story with us. Vitas is a special being. His power is so great it reaches across the world. I am sure every single one of us will have the opportunity to come face to face with him and thank him for everything he has done for us. Let's keep smiling ad share his music to the world. <3

  3. Thank you for sharing your story Rudy....it is very moving. Yes, I believe in angels...and Vitas is an angel! Sent in human form for a purpose, for people like you and me, to bring them beauty and deep healing. Thank God for Vitas!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your touching story!


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