Sunday, September 27, 2015

Delilah DeLaura - I am grateful to Vitas

I want this to be let out to the world! I love Vitas. He's amazing on so many tiers. He saved me from suicide and depression. His beautiful voice heals my emotional and physical pain. I feel a strong connection with him and what he says. I can feel his positive energy even though he's halfway across the globe. In my mind, he's family. If given the chance, I would walk up to him, give him a big hug, and tell him myself of how he's greatly impacted my life. And the fandom is full of sweet people with their own stories on how he's helped them. The Vitas fanbase is like a gigantic family full of love and support, and Vitas is the cause. I want him to not only keep giving the love he does today, but I also want him to receive the equal if not greater love that we share for him. No matter how many bumps and bruises are along the way, Vitas will shower us with unconditional love, heartfelt words, and a genuine smile that says, "I am grateful to have you all!" I want Vitas himself to know how much his fans care about him.

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